NYM Two Month Program


Attention Pipers & Drummers in the Tri-State area,

We are offering a 2 month opportunity to actively work out with a successful program and sharpen your skills. Starting this fall, NY Metro will be hosting training and rehearsal sessions for those interested in working with our Grade 2 band to see how we rehearse, how we tune and how we work together to pursue musical excellence.

Our ultimate goals are to welcome new players to the Grade 2 band as well as field a competitive Grade 4 or Grade 5 band for the 2018 season. Message us for further details or check out our FB page to be up to date with the band's news.



Feel free to share with anyone interested!




Gleren Meneghin

Gleren is a 23-year-old Art Director with The Workshop - a London & NYC based creative and brand experience design agency for the bold innovators and businesses that challenge the status quo. He transitions strategic ideas into full-blown creative applications through his clean, minimal and timeless approach to design. Gleren has a passion for creating brands from concept to completion - visual identity, print, packaging and digital design - for a multitude of commercial and cultural organizations. Gleren is also an accomplished musician and recognized on the world stage as a top snare drummer.