Introducing a new website

Hello! Γειά χαρά, Salut, Hola, 今日は, Здравствуйте, Marhaba!, Guten tag, 大家好, Salām ‘alaykum, Goddag, สวัสดี.

Welcome to the new home of the New York Metro Pipe Band, NYC’s premier pipe band. 2017 marks an exciting year for the organization as we celebrate our 8th birthday!

We have a variety of events to look forward to outside of our regular US-based competitive commitments including the World Pipe Band Championship in Glasgow, Scotland; the biggest pipe band event of the year.

With this in mind we felt it was important for us to develop a new, vibrant website through which we can communicate with the vast reaches of the pipe band fraternity.

We have built this site in-house using some of the extensive talent within the band ranks and we hope that you will enjoy some of the new features of the site. You can also follow our Facebook feed for up to the minute news from the band. We have installed a comprehensive media archive stretching back to the beginnings of the band. We are also opening a secure online shop very soon for the first time and are proud of the high quality merchandise we are able to offer. 


We are delighted with the look and feel of the new site and hope that you enjoy it too. We are always keen to receive feedback and if there is anything that you would like to see included please get in touch.

Hope you enjoy!




Gleren Meneghin

Gleren is a 23-year-old Art Director with The Workshop - a London & NYC based creative and brand experience design agency for the bold innovators and businesses that challenge the status quo. He transitions strategic ideas into full-blown creative applications through his clean, minimal and timeless approach to design. Gleren has a passion for creating brands from concept to completion - visual identity, print, packaging and digital design - for a multitude of commercial and cultural organizations. Gleren is also an accomplished musician and recognized on the world stage as a top snare drummer.